Ogden 8 CalculatorBasic plan

Our new and improved Ogden 8 calculator calculates actuarial multipliers from the Ogden Tables in seconds.

Industry leading Ogden 8 calculator

Our industry leading Ogden 8 calculator allows you to calculate basic, variable and split period multipliers and comes as part of our basic plan.
It gives you all the power of the Ogden 8 Tables, without any of the headaches.

Features include

  • Lifetime Multipliers
  • Life expectancy
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of pension
  • Discount factor for term certain
  • Multiplier for term certain
  • Split period multipliers

Clear and Simple Results

The results of your calculations are presented clearly, simplifying the complexity of the Ogden 8 Tables and making applying your results easy.


Gender Male
Date of birth 17/04/1985
Age at Trial 30.83
Assumed Trial Date 14/02/2016
Age at Retirement 70
Pre-discount Multiplier 24.27
Level of Education Degree
Working at assumed trial date Yes
Medical Status Not Disabled
Gender Male
Discounting Factor 0.92
Post-discount Multiplier 22.33

Split Period Multipliers

Your multipliers can be split across multiple periods, and the calculator will use term certain multipliers to apportion the Ogden 8 multiplier.

Split Period Multiplier
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