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The complete loss of earnings calculator turns hours of work into minutes.

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Detailed reports in no time

Frenkels Calculator produces advanced loss of earnings schedules in next to no time. Save time and money at the click of a button.

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Take a guided tour of the loss of earnings calculator

Built by experts

Frenkels Calculator has been designed and built by forensic accountants with unparalleled experience and expertise in the field of loss of earnings claims.

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Take a guided tour of the loss of earnings calculator

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We have distilled our expert knowledge of personal injury claims into Frenkels Calculator.

What is Frenkels Calculator?

A complete loss of earnings solution allowing you to easily compare unlimited scenarios. Full use of our industry leading Ogden 8 calculator comes as just part of the service.

The complete loss of earnings calculator

  • Turns hours into minutes
  • Calculate loss of earnings easily
  • Produce schedules of special damages
  • Lookups for ASHE, RPI, Tax, NI, Pension, SSP & More
  • Ogden 8 Calculator including split multipliers
  • Net earnings calculator

You Can

  • Save time & money
  • Easily compare unlimited scenarios
  • Run unlimited calculations for your case
  • Download & print unlimited schedules
  • Improve the accuracy of your results
  • Calculate multipliers in seconds
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Pricing to suit your business

All businesses have different needs, which is why we have a range of packages available for you to choose from.

Speak to a member of the Frenkels Calculator team to discuss our services and flexible pricing options

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The free trial period includes all of the following features

  • Fast track loss of earnings calculator
  • Multi track loss of earnings calculator
  • Net earnings calculator
  • ASHE lookup
  • Past loss of earnings
  • Interest on past loss of earnings
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Unlimited scenarios
  • Dashboard for managing cases
  • Ogden 8 - fast lookup of multipliers
  • Ogden 8 - interpolated multipliers
  • Ogden 8 - split period multipliers
  • Retail Price Index (RPI)
  • Tax and NI bands and rates
  • Basic state pension rates
  • Statutory sick pay rates
  • Bank of England base rates
  • National minimum wage rates
Get you and your team productive for less. Contact us to discuss your options. free trial Please note the free trial period entitles you to full access to all features.
At the end of the trial you can choose a package that suits your business.
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